Our Vision – Transforming lives by the presence of Gods love.

Our Mission- Loving God, Loving People

Our Values

  1. Christ-centered – Jesus Christ as our center & focus.
  2. Holy Spirit led – walking & living in the presence & power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. God’s Word – living a life of faith & obedience according to the infallible word of God as our absolute authority in all things.
  4. Worship & prayer – developing a lifestyle of intimacy with God through worship & prayer expressed with gratitude & joy.
  5. Discipleship – pursuing Christ-like maturity & ministry.
  6. Marriage & family – demonstrating Godly marriages & modeling healthy & whole families.
  7. Stewardship – managing wisely & giving generously of our time, talents & resources.
  8. Leadership – raising & developing servant leaders.
  9. Relationships – growing in our love for others & demonstrating the love of God in authentic ways to all people.
  10. Relevance – sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in words & actions and providing biblical hope for present reality & current needs.

Shekinah House is a dynamic, contemporary church with a passion for people and the fulfillment of God’s plans in their lives. We want, more than anything, for you to connect with God during our services. Our praise and worship is geared to usher you into His presence and our preaching is practical, positive and inspiring.

At Shekinah we are passionate about family and as such offer a complete and effective God-based structure. This is a church where we care for every age group and aim to see each person, regardless of age grow in their relationship with God.