Visionary Team
The Visionary Team – comprises of a core group who are responsible for the vision, ethos and value system of the church in accordance with biblical principles.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” – John Maxwell

Pastoral Team
The Pastoral Team – consists of a team of full-time pastors and associate pastors whose primary concern is the care of His people. One of the team’s key goals is to facilitate connection and encourage spiritual growth. The team will also ensure the smooth-running of the church on an operational level with the assistance of specific staff and leaders.

Financial Team
This team consists of a core group, including of the Visionary Team who are responsible to ensure good stewardship of resources and facilitate the optimization of these for the greatest impact in alignment with the church’s vision.

As John Maxwell puts it: Leadership is about Influence and everything rises & falls on leadership.